SAGA HILL – Classes

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I love teaching both the techniques and historical aspects of each subject. When you take one of my classes, you will have a good time playing with yarn or fiber—and in the process, you will learn something more in-depth about the subject than you may experience in the typical class.



Plymouth Creek Activity Center, 14800 34th Avenue N., Plymouth, MN 55447. Click here to visit the City of Plymouth website and register for upcoming classes.

Two classes are being offered in August:

Beginning Knitting

Thursday, August 4, 6–8 PM.

Nordic Embroidery on Knits
Thursday, August 18, 6–8 PM.

Registration for these classes will be open by early summer at the City of Plymouth, Parks and Recreation link above.

Later in 2022…
Beginning Mitten Knitting with a Holiday Twist

Saturday, November 12, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM.

Registration for the November class will be open by the fall of 2022 at the City of Plymouth, Parks and Recreation link above.


(Gale Woods is an educational, working farm and a public park in the Minnesota/Twin Cities Three Rivers Park District and is located at 7210 Cnty Rd 110, Mound, MN 55364. To register, call the farm at 763-694-2001 or the Three Rivers Park District Registration Desk at 763-559-6700.)

Half-Day Workshop in October:

Fiber Processing and Beginning Drop Spindle Spinning
Saturday, October 22, 10 AM – 2:30 PM.

Registration for this 4-hour class (plus lunch break) will be open by early fall. Call the Three Rivers Park District phone numbers shown above for more information and to register.

Classes are added as opportunities come up, so keep in touch!

If you're interested in any class shown but can't attend on the scheduled date, please contact me

If you don't see a class that interests you, some of my previously taught classes include: Swedish Knitting Heritage classes, such as Lovikka Mitten Knitting; Tvåändstickning (Two-Ended/Twined Knitting); and Halland/Binge Knitting. Other knitting classes I offer are: Beginning Fair Isle Knitting (two-color knitting; Beginning Lace Knitting; Beginning Knitting; Modular Knitting; Beginning Mitten Knitting; among others.

Among my spinning classes are: Beginning Spinning with Spindle & Wheel; Spinning Short Fibers; Silk Spinning; Flax Processing & Spinning; Spinning Camelid Fibers; Wool Fiber Processing; and Fiber Dyeing.

If any of these subjects sparks your interest (or a class on another subject), please let me know. Advance interest helps establish future classes.

Private classes & Speaking Engagements

I am able to schedule in-person private classes for individuals fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and groups following COVID-safe protocols. I also speak before groups on the subject of Swedish textiles and their history. Please contact me for more information.

I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event or class!