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YarnWorks book cover
Yarn Works: How to spin, dye, and knit your own yarn

By W. J. Johnson, author/photographer/designer (pub 2014, CPI–Creative Publishing international).

Yarn Works is a complete guide on how to spin, dye, and knit ALL fibers. It includes the science behind fibers; goes into depth on spinning—from the history of the spin to how to make your own spinning equipment; discusses the history of dyes and the dyeing process and demonstrates how to work with natural and synthetic dyes. There are also 10 patterns for knitters that follow a different fiber (protein, cellulose, synthetic) right through the spin and dye process, ending with a finished knitted project using the yarn created from the spinning and dyeing workshops offered in the book.

SH-BK005 – Price: $29.99 USD, plus shipping (plus sales tax for MN residents).
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Other books containing my patterns:

Cover of Knitting Socks From Around the World

Knitting Socks From Around the World
Kari Cornell, Editor (pub 2011, Voyageur Press)
Knit an heirloom pair of socks from any of the four corners of the globe. This book contains the history of sock knitting (by Nancy Bush) and 25 stunning sock patterns from well-known designers (e.g., Beth Brown-Reinsel, Nancy Bush, Candace Eisner Strick), including myself, W. J. Johnson (Midsommar Blommor Socks). I've also created a yarn kit for this sock (see Kits on this page).

Photo of Midsommar Blommor Socks

SH-BK001 –
Retail Price: $24.99 USD
SALE PRICE: $17.49 plus shipping (plus sales tax for MN residents)



Cover of Knitting Scarves From Around the World

Knitting Scarves From Around the World
Kari Cornell, Editor (pub 2011, Voyageur Press)
Part of the Knitting From Around the World series, this book contains 23 patterns for scarves from around the globe—including stylish traditional projects from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, the British Isles, the Americas, and Asia. Pattern introductions provide a background of knitting techniques from that part of the world, including schematics and charts.

This book contains a scarf pattern that I designed (the Swedish Lovikka Scarf), inspired by traditional Swedish Lovikka mitten design.

SH-BK002 – Price: $24.99 USD, plus shipping (plus sales tax for MN residents)



Cover of Baby Knits From Around the World

Baby Knits From Around the World
Kari Cornell, Editor (pub 2013, Creative Publishing international)
From the Knitting From Around the World series, this book showcases 20 designs by well-known artisans hailing from classic knitting traditions in Scandinavia, Ireland, Scotland, England, the Baltics, Europe, South America, and North America. The book includes detailed instructions for ever-popular baby hats, blankets, sweaters, booties, pants, dresses, toys, and mitts; while introductions to each pattern detail the history of the technique that the design employs.

I have two patterns in this book: Swedish Dubbelmössa (two layer hat) and Chinese Double Knot Headband.

SH-BK004 – Price: $24.99 USD, plus shipping (plus sales tax for MN residents)







Midsommar Blommor Sock
Image of Sock KitThis kit contains all the yarn you need to knit the "Midsommar Blommor Sock" (up to the large size), as found in the book: "Knitting Socks From Around the World".

Kit contents: 550 yd natural, undyed yarn & 60 yd hand-dyed fingering weight yarn, both in 70% silk/30% merino blend. At this time, only the Falun Red hand-dyed yarn is being offered (see photo above and pattern in book).

SH-5040 – Price: $28.00 USD,
plus shipping



Silk Fusion Kit
Image of Silk Fusion KitSilk fusion is created from silk and a special textile adhesive. The process creates a flat or sculptural silk material that's very strong and can be turned into purses, lamp shades, bowls, garments—just about anything you can imagine. It's a blast to work with, super easy to do, great for adults and kids, opening a new world of creative ways to work with silk fibers. Any silk fibers may be used in silk fusion but the kit only contains honey tussah. The silk in the kit is enough to create an 18 x 18 piece of silk fusion.

Kit contents: Complete instructions, 0.9 oz [25 g] honey tussah silk; 2 fl oz [59 ml] JoSonja's® Textile Medium; 18 in x 36 in. [46 cm x 91.5 cm] fiberglass screen; and 1 paint brush.

SH-5020 – Price: $24.00 USD, plus shipping (plus sales tax for MN residents)

Bohus Stickning

Image of Bohus pattern
"Radiant Knits: The Bohus Tradition"
Bohus Couture Design
An exhibit at the American Swedish Institute, January 23–April 5, 2009.

I partnered with Susanna Hansson (noted Bohus knitting expert in the US) and the American Swedish Institute (Minneapolis) to create this once-in-a-lifetime Bohus Knitting exhibit in 2009. Opening weekend welcomed guest speakers, artists, and museum visitors from across the U.S., Canada, and Sweden—as they enjoyed a film premiere, special tours, lectures, and knitting workshops. Vintage Bohus couture garments were on display in two galleries. It was truly a historic event.

Bohus Stickning (Bohus Knitting) was a Swedish knitting design organization (1939-1969) that continues today in the hearts of many knitters and through knitting kits being created by Solveig Gustafsson ( I was honored to be the photographer, an author, and design artist for the 52-page exhibit booklet Bohus Stickning-Radiant Knits: An Enchanting Obsession and a set of 6 art cards that were created just for the exhibit. The exhibit booklet is SOLD OUT but you can still purchase a set of 6 art cards here – but only while supplies last!

Image of Bohus cardsArt Cards—$10.00, plus shipping (plus sales tax for MN residents)
Supply is limited!



books, patterns, & kits…
designed/authored by
W. J. Johnson of Saga Hill

Below are other items that Saga Hill offers – these are not made by Saga Hill but are products we are proud to carry in our online shop…

Silk Metamorphosis Poster
Silk Poster imageThis two-sided 18.5 x 18.5 inch poster features beautiful drawings and text that describe the life cycle of the silkworm from egg to cocoon, to moth to silkworm again. The front side of the poster explains and depicts how the silken strand is released from the cocoon and made into yarn and cloth. The reverse side is filled with further fascinating silk information. A great teaching tool spanning science, culture and history—or a great addition to your fiber workspace!

SH-00130 – Price: $8.00 USD, plus shipping (plus sales tax for MN residents).



These mini looms, made by Purl & Loop (a small craft business in Texas) from U.S. sourced birch wood, are so great for using up odds and ends of yarn. They are also perfect tools for weavers who want to quickly test colors since the warp slots are true to specific weaving epi (ends per inch).

Wee Weaver Loom

Image of Wee Weaver Loom

This lightweight and portable birch loom is made of 1/8" birch wood, and measures approximately 4" x 4 1/2" with a work area of 3 3/4" x 3 1/2". It is set up for a warp of 4 ends per inch (e.p.i.). It comes with color photo instructions, wood tapestry needle, small metal tapestry needle for the smaller and tighter areas of the project, wee weaving comb, wee pick up stick and a reusable cotton carrying bag.

Wee Weaver Loom
SH-3.95016 – Price: $28.00 USD,
plus shipping (plus sales tax for MN residents)


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